Current state of Ruby on Rails community

Although this picture was drawn more than a year ago, the situation is still more or less the same.

  1. A huge part of the community is still following DHH and the "Rails Way", whatever that means. Some developers still continue to wonder how their apps turn into unsupportable monsters after just a few months of development.
  2. There are Rails Ninjas and Rockstars, who know how to hack Rails so that it won't hurt you.
  3. Some developers are disappointed in Rails together with Ruby. Most of them are switching to functional languages.
  4. And there are those who don't believe in Rails universality. They are consistently developing and popularizing alternative ways of web application development using Ruby. These approaches are usually based on built-in modularity and OOP best practices.

The activities of these people are the inspiration for this project.

Thank you Piotr, Luca, Andrzej, Adam and many others!

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