Easy-peasy form objects

1. Puts the following code into controllers → concerns → application_shape.rb:

module ApplicationShape
  extend ActiveSupport::Concern

  module ClassMethods
    delegate :model_name, to: :superclass
    delegate :name, to: :superclass
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The state of Rails in 2018

In short:

  • Rails is not evolving
  • Hanami is not a panacea
  • There is no common Rails Way 2.0 or anything like this
  • Finding the golden mean between Rails way and Java way is hard
  • …But doable!
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Why it happens to your code again and again?

Ruby on Rails is considered a universal framework for web application creation. So, whenever you develop something for the web with Ruby, Rails is your choice by default.

At the beginning of development, everything is super quick and straightforward...

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Principles and mottos: misunderstood and applied

Let's suppose for now that maybe we don't completely understand something. This little something makes us use Rails in the wrong way.

In the early days, we accepted a few principles unconditionally because they sounded like axioms. Here are some of...

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