Rails pitfalls – free mini course

Ruby on Rails, by design, cuts many corners for the sake of developers' convenience. And god-damn, we love it! 😛

Although, what works on a small scale, stops working on a larger scale. All these little architecture flaws combined and scaled up, turn applications into balls of a multi-dimensional mess – painful and impossible to untangle 🤯

This mini-course is to help you spot these design flaws in your code. 

The plan:

  1. Trace your decision-making process
  2. Don't mask complexity with callbacks and conditional validations
  3. Don't mix internals with externals
  4. Respect layered architecture
  5. Don't mix Application Logic with Business Logic
  6. Defuse your app 💣

The goal of these lessons is to demonstrate different kinds of time-bombs, which we plant ourselves into our apps when we follow Rails-way thoughtlessly.

How it works

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